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Publishing Platform

Load your funds swiftly and execute, monitor, and optimize campaigns across diverse channels—all within a unified, user-friendly dashboard.


Multi-Vertical Campaigns

Monetize all your digital assets in a single window.

Social Media
Google Search

Intuitive User Interface

Publishers leverage our user-friendly interface for efficient impression selling, ensuring a seamless experience.

Advanced Revenue Optimization

Data-Driven Transparency

Full transparency into ad inventory performance, encompassing fill rates, clicks, and impressions, empowering publishers with actionable insights.

tracking comparison

Header Bidding Dynamics at Your Fingertips

Incorporates cutting-edge header bidding capabilities, facilitating multiple DSP bids, and offering control over header bidding wrappers and demand partners.

Optimize for Better ROI

Yielding Performance with smart strategies

Drive revenue for publishers with optimized fill rates, strategic floor prices, and meticulous auction management.

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Inventory and Campaign Mastery

Empower publishers with efficient ad inventory management, providing control over inclusion/exclusion for impactful campaign management.

Optimize for Better ROI

Decoding our self-serve SSP's
role in Ad Selling

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Automation

We facilitate automated RTB transactions, selling a publisher's ad space to DSPs in real-time through ad exchanges.

Ad-Network Optimization

Empowering publishers with granular control, we sell individual ad impressions, allowing analysis of payment sources at the impression level for optimized ad requests.

Brand Safety

Elevating brand safety, HyperBrainz SSP acts as a shield, blocking unwanted ads through features like 'blacklisting' specific IAB categories, advertiser domains, or selected creatives.

Enhanced Relevancy

With SSPs, publishers can ensure that only relevant ad networks are considered for their available ad space, enhancing the targeting precision, and maximizing the value of their inventory.

Frequency Capping Collaboration

SSPs and DSPs join forces for effective ad management, utilizing frequency capping to track and limit the exposure of a specific ad to enhance campaign efficiency.

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