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Audio Advertising

Audio advertising delivers marketing messages in audio format via online streaming platforms like podcasts and music apps, capitalizing on the immersive nature of audio consumption during activities in leisure.

Audio Advertising

Statistics redefining the audio advertising landscape


Digital Audio Advertising Spending by 2023

7% up in

Global podcast listeners

1.5Bn users

Digital audio listeners projection by 2027


Monthly active users on Spotify

Compelling reasons for brands to experience Audio Advertising

Engagement in Everyday Activities

Audio ads tap into daily routines, reaching audiences during activities like commuting, exercising, or relaxing, ensuring maximum engagement.

Everyday Activities

Immersive Storytelling

Audio allows for immersive storytelling, creating a strong emotional connection with the audience through the power of sound and narration.

Immersive Storytelling

Brand Recall

Audio ads, especially jingles or distinctive sounds, enhance brand recall by creating memorable auditory cues, fostering long-term brand recognition.

Brand Recall

Multitasking Audience

In an increasingly multitasking world, audio ads accommodate the on-the-go lifestyle, capturing the attention of users who consume content while engaged in other activities.

Multitasking Audience

Rising Podcast Popularity

The surge in podcast consumption offers a prime avenue for brands to align with relevant content, reaching niche audiences and building authority in specific domains.

Rising Podcast Popularity

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Innovative Sonic Strategies

HyperBrainz pioneers inventive audio advertising approaches for impactful brand experiences.

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HyperBrainz employs advanced targeting to reach the right audience, enhancing campaign relevance.

Dynamic Creativity

Focused on dynamic and creative audio content, HyperBrainz ensures brands are distinct and memorable.

Analytics for Optimization

HyperBrainz offers comprehensive analytics, enabling continuous campaign improvement and maximizing ROI.

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