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Managed SSP

We manage a publisher's ad inventory from end to end, optimizing yield and making strategic decisions to boost revenue and ad ecosystem performance.


Multi-Vertical Campaigns

Monetize all your digital assets in a single window.

Social Media
Google Search

The Impact of Managed SSP

Expertise-Driven Strategy

Tap into the expertise of professionals in the programmatic advertising landscape for specialized industry insights and strategic decision-making.

Advanced Revenue Optimization

Cost-Efficient Solution

Minimize Overheads, Maximize Revenue, reducing operational costs, Benefit from a scalable and cost-effective solution tailored to your specific requirements.

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Dynamic Technology Integration

Access a comprehensive tech suite designed for optimized performance, offering hassle-free technology integration through tailored API solutions.

Optimize for Better ROI

Optimized Inventory Management

Efficiently manage digital inventories to gain insights, define data buckets for optimization, monetize with precision and ensure maximum revenue.

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Focus on Core Competencies

Empower publishers to focus on core business functions as HyperBrainz expertly manages the complexities of SSP management.

Optimize for Better ROI

We manage a
robust sell-side platform

End-to-End Programmatic Management

We ensure programmatic setup, management, and optimization for Publishers to experience seamless handling of complexities.

Infrastructure Expertise

Our sell-side infrastructure provides a robust foundation in terms of inventory, technology, data, and reporting relationships.

Personalized solutions

Our customized tailored service offerings catered to the unique needs of publishers contribute to revenue growth.

Revenue Maximization

Our platform is designed to focus on revenue maximization, employing sophisticated techniques to enhance the value derived from each piece of digital inventory.

Efficient Inventory Management

Optimizing inventory performance is no simple task; we take the initiative to bring value to every inventory we endorse, eliminating the hassle for our partners.

Streamlined Technology Integration

The technology framework and integration are just a click away. We execute customized API integration with the necessary tech suite for publishers.

Data-Driven Insights

Publishers gain actionable insights, enhancing their overall programmatic strategy offering insights for better decision-making.

Dynamic Data Bucketing

Through precise data categorization into dynamic buckets, we fine-tune our optimization strategies, ensuring that each inventory item is monetized effectively.

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