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Display Advertising

Visual banners, images, or multimedia to promote products, services, or brands on websites and other digital platforms with URL that links to a website


Nevertheless, it's impactful

90% Internet

Google's Display reach

267% Rich

Performance in mobile display

12% of website

Display ads comprises

70% Budget

Brands spend on mobile display

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Ad Formats


Banner Ads

Standard rectangular graphical ads typically placed at the top, bottom, or sides of a web page.

Native Ads

Native Ads

Ads that blend into the look and feel of the platform where they‘re displayed, often resembling regular content.

Rich Media

Rich Media

Interactive and engaging ads incorporating multimedia elements like video, audio, or animation.


Expanding Ads

Ads that expand or reveal additional content upon user interaction or mouse hover.

Interstitial Display

Interstitial Display

Full-screen ads displayed before or after the expected content on a webpage or app.


Pop-up Display

Ads that appear in a separate window or layer, overlaying the original content.

Shoppable Ads

Shoppable Ads

Ads allow users to directly purchase or explore products or services showcased in the ad.

Video in Display

Video in Display

Video ads within display placements, offering moving visual content.

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Display Solutions

Responsive Design

HyperBrainz ensures responsive and optimized ad designs for various devices adaptable for multiple screen sizes.

Real-time Bidding (RTB)

Leveraging RTB platforms for real-time auctions, optimizing ad placements, and maximizing returns.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilizing data analytics to provide insights on ad performance, audience behavior, and campaign optimization.

Dynamic Ad Formats

We offer a spectrum of dynamic ad formats, including rich media and interactive ads, to captivate and engage users effectively.

Programmatic Advertising Solutions

HyperBrainz is your tech partner for automated ad buying, targeting, and optimization.

Ad Quality and Brand Safety

We ensure high ad standards and brand safety through tools that control where ads are to be displayed.

Conversion Tracking

HyperBrainz offers solutions for tracking ad performance, attributing conversions, and measuring ROI.

Multichannel Capabilities

We enable cross-platform ad placements to reach audiences across various digital channels.

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