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Social Media Advertising

The strategic use of paid campaigns on various social platforms to engage and reach specific audiences, promoting brands, products, or services for marketing and sales purposes.


Here is why it’s inevitable


Segment in Digital Advertising


Social media Ad spending projections by 2027

75% of Gen Z

Purchasing decisions influenced by social media ads

77% of Business

Use social media to reach customers


Facebook Advertising

Facebook retains its position as a prime platform for social media advertising, emphasizing the necessity of diligent budget management and compelling, innovative content for brand distinction.


Facebook is the limelight
of social media

  • Extensive Audience Reach
  • Precise Targeting Capabilities
  • Versatile Ad Formats
  • Measurable Results and Analytics

At HyperBrainz! we ensure your
campaign is in safe hands

  • Advanced Pixel Implementation
  • Dynamic Ad Creation
  • A/B Testing Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Formats we endorse

  • Video
  • Image

Brand's Takeaway

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation and messages

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Instagram Advertising

Strategically focused marketing initiatives with a defined singular objective, operating for a set duration and aiming to attain clear, time-sensitive goals.

Instagram Advertising

Insta for GenZ

  • Visual Appeal and Engagement
  • Broad Audience Reach
  • Influencer Collaboration and Brand Advocacy
  • E-commerce and Product Promotion

HyperBrainz for new age
Instagram campaign!

  • Interactive Story Ad Expertise
  • Robust Pixel Integration
  • Custom API Integration
  • A/B Testing and Optimization
  • In-depth Analytics and Reporting
  • Strategic Retargeting Capabilities

Formats we endorse

  • Stories Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Instant Experience Ads
  • Explore feed Ads
  • Polling sticker Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads

Brand's Takeaway

  • Highest monthly Active Users
  • Largest GenZ user base of 30.8%
  • Daily Engagement of a user is 30.1 minutes.
  • Maximum business profile visits

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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing strategies to leverage the professional network, forge B2B relationships, and drive industry-specific brand outreach.

LinkedIn Marketing

Tailor-made for B2B marketing

  • Professional Audience Engagement
  • Precise Targeting Options
  • Industry-Specific Content Promotion
  • Lead Generation and Networking

HyperBrainz empowers your B2B campaigns.

  • Lead Generation Expertise
  • Content Tailored for B2B
  • LinkedIn Pixel Utilization
  • API Integration Expertise

Formats we endorse

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored in-mail
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

Brand's Takeaway

  • High-quality lead generation
  • Powerhouse of B2B campaign

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